Areas of Expertise

GamePlan Consultants can provide your organization with a range of training and consulting services. These include :

  • VoC Initiatives

    “Voice of Customer” is a term that describes customers’ stated and unstated needs or requirements, and your customers’ feedback about their experiences with your organization. Let us help you capture actionable VoC through statistically reliable and valid surveys, customer focus groups, and relevant analytics.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Through meticulous analysis of your resources, customer database, and competitive situation, we will enable you in maximizing the lifetime value of your customers. Our research and consulting experience in CRM over several years has ideally equipped us to choose the tools, processes and technology that are right for you.

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    We have developed scores of journey maps for large integrated resort casinos and clubs to better understand the experience that is offered to guests and developed initiatives to create differentiation, fix fail points, and optimize the guest experience.

  • Branding

    In contemporary marketing, a brand is defined as, “a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships” that impact customers’ choice and loyalty. We work with you to formulate and implement the right branding strategy based on your mission, target market, and positioning.

  • Culture Diagnosis and Change

    Strong corporate cultures that facilitate adaptation to a changing world are associated with strong financial results. We accurately measure your existing organizational culture and work with you to make desired changes in culture so that your employees are more engaged and your customers more satisfied in their dealings with you.

  • Employee Engagement Initiatives

    Employees want to feel a sense of commitment to their work. And in return for that sense of real, authentic meaning, they will be willing to give more of themselves, aspire to higher productivity, better service, and off-the-charts customer satisfaction. We provide statistically reliable and valid measures of employee engagement and assist organizations in enhancing employee engagement levels.

  • Marketing, Customer Service, and Employee Engagement Review (MaCSEER)

    MaCSEER is our proprietary toolset that benchmarks the performance of organizations along six dimensions—marketing orientation, marketing organization, new customer marketing, existing customer marketing, internal marketing, and service quality. Together, these dimensions provide an accurate assessment of your marketing effectiveness relative to your competitors.

  • Customer Experience Diagnosis, Ideation and Optimization (CÉDIO)

    Customer experience (CX) is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage. CÉDIO is a comprehensive methodology through which customer experience is accurately assessed, cost-effectively enhanced, and meaningfully optimized. This revolutionary methodology has originated from our decades of research and consulting experience in CX Management.